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Research and Education for
Economic, Social, Cultural Rights

In addition to working in the realm of human rights issues, the work of The Institute for Ecosoc Rights is also directed at developing participatory action research models, educational models and modules for organizers of grassroots communities.

Press Release

Oil Palm Smallholders in Buol District Take the “Post Banner” Action to Fight for Their Rights

Tuesday, July 7, 2022, plasma farmers in Buol Regency, Central Sulawesi, held a “placing banner” action on the streets and in front of their houses to convey a message to the palm oil company PT Hardaya Inti Plantation (PT HIP) to return their land which had been plasmaized by PT. HIP...

Work Schedule


business power with an approach to economic, social and cultural rights.


implementation and promotion of economic, social and cultural rights.


human rights, in particular economic, social, cultural rights, for the organizers of marginalized groups.

and Develop

dialogue forum for actors of economic-political democracy.


Strengthening the Enforcement, Protection and Promotion of Human Rights for Marginalized Communities.


◎ Encouraging the realization of development with a human rights perspective.

Encouraging respect for and upholding the values ​​of justice in society.

In particular, we work for :


◎   Encouraging the enforcement and promotion of human rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights.

◎ Participate in realizing the enforcement and promotion of economic, social and cultural rights for marginalized communities.

◎   Encouraging the resolution of human rights violations that occur in society.

◎  Encouraging the realization of transparency and accountability in the performance of business power that controls the lives of many people.

Global :